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Streamlining the Housekeeping Process and Procedures


Procedures & Analysis

I will review your current process of cleaning a room and analyze your current reports of time and cost associated with each room.  I will make suggestions on how you can refine your process and show you how you can cut cost and deliver quality. We will help you convert clean rooms into revenue drivers.



I will assess how your staff cleans a room and how each Supervisor Inspects the rooms.  I will review the current checklist associated with the responsibilities of these staff members to make adjustments to deliver quality rooms for each guest.


Guest Reviews

Together we will review your guest’s current complaints.  After our consultation and once you begin to follow through with our suggestions you will see your room reviews increase, and your rooms will be generating much more revenue.

The Housekeeping Department Is the Hub of your Property!

The first thing a guest sees is your property presentation.  Is the lobby clean? Are all glass surfaces, mirrors, floors, counter tops, desks and furniture clean?  Are guests greeted by customer service with a smile? Are your systems up and running efficiently, making the check in process quick & easy?

When the guest checks into their room, what is the presentation you’ve laid out in their room? Has your housekeeping department given the room that ‘special touch’?  Does the room smell fresh and clean? Are the linens and bedding appealing?

If your guest is presented with quality they will feel they are getting a bargain price for the room and they will feel more comfortable unpacking their bags.  Our services will make them feel like they’ve checked into one of the best hotels – instantly improving your reviews.

Tenaciously Detailed will review the following:

  • Guest Complaints
  • Housekeeping Manual
  • Housekeeping Reports
  • Products Used
  • Current Checklist
  • Laundry Procedures
  • Quality of Linens
  • Presentation of Room, Bathroom
  • Housekeeping Attire

We Provide Solutions!

  • We are hands on and will show you how to effectively clean a room.
  • We will reduce the amount of complaints due to the cleanliness of a room, therefore increasing your room ratings.
  • We will make sure your procedures and checklists are refined and all tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Tenaciously Detailed guarantees all services, for quality, efficiency and cost savings.  It is up to the company to follow through with all aspects of our review.

Our Story

I am Ann Marie Nugent, owner of Tenaciously Detailed.

In 2008 while the economy was at the beginning of a downturn, and vacation rentals were beginning to be recognized as family friendly hotels I launched my Vacation Rental Cleaning Company – Spotless R Us & Vacation Angels LLC.  I was the owner/operator of my company until early 2016. During this time we serviced more than 120 homes with multiple crews.  I sold Spotless R Us & Vacation Angels LLC to move into Consulting, to reach out to the Hospitality Industry Nationwide to assist all rentals from Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts to Vacation Rentals understand the cleaning process, where to save money, and how to make people happy by providing a clean room to every guest.

Our stoiry

I am a ‘Jill of All Trades’, and not afraid to get my hands dirty.  Tenaciously Detailed is a hands-on Consulting Company. We will look at your current processes and procedures to refine them and train your staff accordingly. We will do the research of reviewing guests complaints, how long it takes your staff to clean a regular hotel room, studio room, and penthouse; and we will show you what you can do better and how to do it.  We will deliver a report of where we see issues and offer solutions with a thorough checklist for housekeepers and supervisors.

Housekeeping is the most important aspect of your property.  Delivering quality not quantity is what you want; how to achieve quality is the purpose of my service.
My goal is to help everyone in the Hospitality Industry to understand the cleaning process, where to save money, and how to make every guest happy by providing a clean room. I have cleaned many properties and although most in the Hospitality Industry want clean properties; many are unsure how to get to the end result.  We will show you how.

From previous experience and working in the Vacation Rental Industry I was able to bring all the rental properties ratings up. It was rare to get any complaints after our teams cleaned the properties. The complaints stopped almost completely and were more directed toward the layout and furnishings of each home.

It is my passion to deliver Tenaciously Detailed quality – not just on the cleanliness of a room but to make sure guests are comfortable and satisfied from the moment they enter the property to the moment they check out.

Happy Customers

Tenaciously Detailed guarantees all services, for quality, efficiency, and cost savings.

Judy Dvoracek

I am pleased to refer Ann Nugent. She provided housekeeping services for our vacation rental home in Laguna Beach since 2010. She and her staff provided an excellent service. They came when scheduled, worked diligently and always had a pleasant attitude. Ann kept me abreast of the condition of the house and made suggestions for repairs or maintenance where needed. Whether I worked along side or not in the picture, Ann was always accommodating and respectful.

Aaron & Gina Albertson

We used the cleaning services of Vacation Angels for 5 years.  They were extremely reliable and became more than just a ‘cleaning service’.   They did minor “fix-its”, replaced linens, kept me up to speed on the general condition of my rental condos.  This was important to me because I could not view my condos after every departure and I did my own management.  Vacation Angels was a very valuable asset to my owner-operated and managed vacation rentals.  Thank you Ann!

Ann & Mike Bryant

Vacation Angels was organized and run by an efficient, hard working Ann Nugent.  They proved to be reliable, punctual, and most of all, they got the job done right!  Our vacation rental gets great reviews on cleanliness and that is what we want.  Very delighted to have worked with Ann and her crew.


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